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Launching Corona Warrior Robots!

Launching Corona Warrior Robots!

Dear All,
We are glad to launch Corona Warrior Robots amidst this testing time. Our team has come up with the following product Corona Warrior Robot. We hope to reach to masses with this product.

Corona Warrior Robot Features
-Wireless remote controlled operation
-Compact design allows easy maneuvering in hospital wards.
-Long battery life
-Video feed from color camera for visual inspection of hospital ward
-Built-in audio communication of robot operator with patients
-High load carrying capacity for distributing essentials to patients
-Body built with strong and light-weight corrosion resistant aluminium

Corona Warrior Robot Specifications
-Speed : upto 30 cm/s *
-Communication range : Upto 200m**
-Battery life : upto 2 hrs*
-L*B*H Dimensions(ft) : 2 x 2.5 x 2.5
-Payload Capacity : upto 7.5 kgs
-Body Material : Standard Aluminum Profile, Acrylic

*depends on the payload
**depends on the model of the robot

For bookings, get in touch Robolab Technologies
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