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Dreams do come true♥️! – When Amol met Shiv Khera

Dreams do come true!♥️ – When Amol met Shiv Khera


Year 2007: I was going through a tough phase when my bhaiyya Vipul showed me some of the speeches of Shiv Khera Ji. And they were mind-blowing. It blew my mind and gave me much needed courage to follow my heart and give my best shot at everything and also reasons to follow personal calling and legends.
Year 2019: Government of India had chosen Pratik to represent the delegation of Innovators and Entrepreneurs to Singapore. Pratik gave up this opportunity and instead recommended my name to be in the delegation.

I was really excited for journey to Singapore. We were interacting with fellow entrepreneurs, policy makers, and exhibiting at the fully packed Marina Bay Sands. Thanks to our super product Flexo the Robot Hand. We were getting enormous attention and inquiries. And I was juggling between interacting with audience, giving demonstrations and also taking their information and feedback single handedly.
From the corner of my eye, I spotted a known face in the crowd in this new country. I focused my eyes on the person to get a clear view. I could see a familiar face only with a lot of grey and white. I tried to remember the name.
Then it stuck me. My mind was telling me “भाऊ, शिव खेरा आहे”.
I thought there might be multiple bodyguards and stuff. But I noticed that in this super packed exhibition everyone was busy with their own stuff. And lucky for me he was alone carrying his own stuff. From his own speeches I remembered “The answer is always no, if you never ask”. I was excited and got shivers. But I so wanted to meet my legend.
I went to him and greeted. He politely asked about my well being and about what and how am doing. I was super proud to be with him. I told him about how his speeches have had a positive transformation impact on me.
I gave him a demonstration of our Robotics Technologies and shared with with our team story. He was really impressed and told me that the transformation examples like mine inspires him to do more.
He spent more than 45 minutes with me personally when the crowd started recognizing him and breached our candid conversation.
Interestingly, He also shared with me the struggles of his life and how he achieved whatever he has achieved and also blessed us to flourish.
“Winner don’t do different things, They do Things Differently”🙏🙏

With Pratik Pravin Deshmukh
Ajit Pawar
Gayatree G
Amol Ashok Gulhane
Vipul Gulhane
Shiv Khera



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